A blind elf who's more than meets the eye.


Seeker is a tall, blind Drow Elf with long white hair, and deathly pale skin. She traditionally wears her white robes/garb, hiding her leather armor underneath, while constantly covering her hands with cloth bandages. This is due to the fact that she has demon-like claws in place of her once elegant elven hands, that set ablaze during combat when she is enraged. These were a result of a demon pact made with Belial, ruler of the fourth circle of hell, Phlegethos. And despite being blind, Seeker has surprisingly good functionality in both her travels and combat.


Seeker joined the party on their first travels to the continent of Izur, and helped them during the attack of the shifter beasts at the dragonborn city they arrived in. From there they managed to acquire two artifacts, water and air, and kill Nikolas.

The party has told Seeker of their role as “Keepers” and she has been to the Broken Stone Caverns where she has slowly began to meet the rest of the group’s friends and… business partners. They learned of some of Seeker’s past, including how she got her demon claws, and who she made the original pact with. This information was found out via the artifacts being asked while on the ritual stone. Even though the invasion of privacy was not initially taken well, she was soon pleased to finally discover the name of the original demon she met: Asmodeus, the ruler of all the nine circles of hell.

She has since stayed with the group in order to gain more information and make new contacts, given the vast amount of powerful objects and knowledge they each possess.


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