Norrowdan Sebastian Frobisher


Human Fighter lvl 1. Male Damaran
Tan Skin, faded blue eyes, brown hair.

AC 18
HP 55
Speed 30ft

Str 20 (5) +7 save
Dex 11 (0)
Con 17 (3) +5 save
Wis 8 (-1)
Int 10 (0)
Cha 8 (-1)

Truth’s Sight (V) 1d20+8 1d8 S (1d12 S)
Curved Knife (F, Li) 1d20+8 1d4 P
Longbow® 1d20 1d8 P

Scharfrichter’s Stare: Both commoners and Criminals are afraid of my reputation.

Great Weapon Fighting
2 attacks
Second Wind
Action Surge
Battle Master at lvl 3.
Intimidation check 1per encounter, disadvantage on next turn, or frightened until save.
Stealth Disadvantage from heavy armor.


Once prideful, he’s abandoned his dignity and his position for the sake of justice. If he could save but one from the corruption and injustice of Falltera, then his shame might be vindicated.

Known to be a former Judge of Falltera. He has a grudge against every Fallterian official and when he meets them, it often ends in their death.

He was also known to be in close communication to Aislynn Landon, who was put to death for treason. It was later understood that she was raised to some sort of undeath by Merci and Iros in another time.

Norrowdan Sebastian Frobisher

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