Marias Hitomi


Long wavy white hair
Florescent Green eyes
Age: 22

Fighter 4 / Cleric 5

*Scythe (Justice)
*Scythe (Mercy)
*Hex Mark

AC: 17
HP: 71

STR: 19
DEX: 11
CON: 14
INT: 9
WIS: 18
CHA: 13

War Caster-
*Advantage on Concentration checks
*Can cast spells on attacks of opportunity
*Can cast while holding a two-handed weapon

Fighting Style – Defence:
*+1 AC

Second Wind -
*Bonus Action: Regain 1d10+Fighter level HP
*1/Short Rest

Action Surge -
*1 extra action every Long rest

The Eyes of Kelemvor
You can see through magical and non-magical darkness up to 60’. If you can already see through darkness extend the range by 30’.
Justice and Mercy
*Use a bonus action to Imbue a weapon of your choice with either the power of Justice or Mercy.
*Justice: Deal an extra 1d4 necrotic damage with this weapon once per round
*Mercy: Give 1d4 Temp hitpoints to an ally within 10’ of you once per round on hit.
*This feature lasts for 1+WIS mod (minimum 1) number of hits before you must take a short rest to recharge.
The die increases to 2d4 at 6th level, 3d4 at 9th level, 4d4 at 12th level, 5d4 at 15th level, and 6d4 at 18th level

Cleric Domain: Death
*Reaper: Chill Touch
*Two targets within 5 feet instead of 1 target

Channel Divinity: Touch of Death
*On Hit – (2xCleric Level) + 5


Marias Hitomi

Marias Hitomi is a girl born with bright white hair and lime green eyes. Born into a small temple of Pelor she never knew anything else. Her father always treated her like a boy, fighting with wooden swords, so often she started to get really good at it. After she turned 18 she asked the Head Priest to become a temple guardian. She was put to the test in her ability to fight, she faced against many other guards and defeated the majority of them. Impressed, the Head Priest granted her request and she became the first female among the ranks of the guardians. As a guardian she was required to sleep in the barracks with all the other guards. At first this was never a problem, but after a while they started to abuse Marias. Marias tried to tell the Head Priest, but he would always blow her off and tell her “No follower of Pelor would ever bring you harm.” Marias dealt with these abuses for long enough, eventually, she ran away.

After she left, she decided she would just follow the roads to the city she always heard about from travelers, a place of religious freedom, Temple. Once she reached Temple she had no idea what she was going to do, so the first thing she did was go to an Inn. While at this Inn she was approached by a follower of Pelor, He told her how Pelor could save her. Marias was angry, she snapped, punched the guy and sent him flying. A fight broke out and Marias was put in jail. A mysterious man came to bail Marias out by the name of Exodus. Exodus told Marias he had heard what happened, and that he needed some help with escorting something to the other side of the warring city. Marias owed this man a favor and saw this as an opportunity to repay him. During this mission they were jumped by a group of soldiers. Exodus wasn’t very strong but managed to hold his own, Marias however took out the majority of them before they could ever reach her. Exodus told Marias that even in battle, she fought as if she doesn’t fear death. Exodus told her the teachings of Kelemvor, Lord of the Dead, and that he teaches that nobody should fear death, for it is only natural. Marias found her calling, she then followed Exodus to a place of Kelemvor worship. Exodus told her that one day, her skills in battle would carry her to become Kelemvor champion, both in life, and in death.

Marias became a very volatile fighter, had 2 weapons customly crafted for her, a long shaft with a curved blade on the end, scythes. She named one of them Justice, the other, Mercy. She was a unique fighter. She caught many other people’s attention in the way she fought, even though she has no allegiance to anyone, she still feels the need to protect the weak.

A year went by and Marias couldn’t take it anymore. Being around all these Pelor followers were driving her mad. She told Exodus that she couldn’t be around Pelor any longer. Exodus led her out of the city, and she left. That’s when it all went dark….

Marias Hitomi

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