Lost Time

Session 5

Old Allies

The party enters the Fallterian Capital. Paved streets and lighted paths. Red striped guards patrolling in groups, clad in black armor and winged helmets.

We stopped at The Blank Stone, and inn severely taxed, and looking to knock other inns of the map.

Marias and Saoirse visited Judge Durgenzi, an older judge with white hair, spectacles, and a purple stripe, after being escorted there to his office by a red headed Judge. Their intent was to lie and say that Norrow was killed by Judge Luskian, and gauge his reaction. Later on they trusted him enough to reveal that Norrow was indeed alive, and he was willing to lend them a hand in their quest.

We learned that Mistltoe was the new Lady of Falltera, and wife of Iros.



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