Lost Time

Session 10

Nicolas and the Lantern

The session started with Nicolas Marias talking to the party after he had a cloak/paper rigged with a Fireball. After some talking Nicolas threatened to destroy the Lantern and walked out of the Library. Marias walked out with him and talked to him about his demon fetish and ended up trading the Hourglass for the Lantern in fear of Nicolas destroying it.

Afterwards, the party regrouped and explored the library more while Emilia was outside killing the boat captains. That being said the party stopped Emilia after she killed 2 of the 3. The only remaining boat was the elven captains boat that takes 2 months to get back to the hidden harbor.

During this journey back to the “mainland” the boat stopped at an island and the captain refused to continue until the party solved an issue involving a Gnome by the name of Fetal, and her spirit companion Tila. Tila mentioned a town in a far away land named Tara Tera but it was pretty much blown over. Fetal and Tila are not from our land. That being said, they followed the party out of the Harbor and went to Eryas. The party did some shopping and are now at the Library of Eryas.

Session End – 12/11/2016



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