A young girl with great magical prowess.


“Blind and mute and dressed in all white with bright clear blue eyes, that glow purple when casting spells. She is careful to keep clean and have a nice appearance. She speaks in a form of sign language, combined with telepathy. She is also capable of reading other people’s pasts, memories, and emotions.
She was hired by Alex to help him discover the Mystara mines, although she planned to ditch him and take it for herself. The party saw it fit to share with her the knowledge of the hourglass, and she is the only person who knows of it’s existence, besides them and the old man (deceased). She warned against showing anyone else the hourglass, as she said it was a very powerful artifact.
She also mentioned that she was not the only one with her powers, and to watch out for arcane spellcasters who are blind and mute. They are called ‘Children of Mystara’ and are scientific experiments, created by an unknown source.” ~Gezirah

Marias has a piece of paper to communicate with her.

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