Three Blood Faerie Sisters

Demons on our permanent "Hit List"


Can use the spell “Perfect Stage” – involves a contract with a demon, and “consumes certain aspects” eg. the temple and the people there. It was performed by one of these three blood faerie sisters in relation with Roxus. Must be incredibly powerful and have knowledge about the human before they can make them a puppet. Can only be broken by fulfilling the contract, or traveling to the plane where the demon exists and confronting them there. Defeating them dispels the magic in our plane.

Siobhan, Ergo Mundus, and Geranium had met one of the sisters in the town of Foredge. She was “let free” after they successfully rescued Valor, who was meant to be a sacrifice to the faerie. The slain goblins ended up fulfilling that end.

Saoirse, Marias, Norrow, Gorghulla and Heather encountered another in one of the sister temples in southeast, and after destroying the sigil that channeled the 9th level spell, it resulted in all 250+ people under the spell dying. The only survivor was Emily, who was “released” by the faerie. Emily was later blinded by Marias.


Three Blood Faerie Sisters

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