Saoirse's identical twin sister


A member of the hidden cloak, Siobhan is Saoirse’s twin sister. She was first seen in Eryas on a secret mission with Cage, another member of the cloak, attempting to steal a mysterious book of seemingly unknown knowledge about the city. After their attempts were foiled by the party, she remained off the grid until she reappeared at a council meeting of the cloak, when the party attempted to sell them a pure, untouched mystara crystal. The leader of the cloak, Ly’dar, agreed to have Siobhan accompany the party in order to learn the location of the mines. After a whole bunch of shit happened between the party, Saoirse, and Siobhan, friendships were questioned, loyalties shifted, and Siobhan ended up being knocked unconscious by Gregor, Jasper and Casper’s wyvern, at the cave of wonders. Saoirse had attempted to reveal information about the mines and their quest to her sister, in order to avoid her being executed by Ly’dar for failing her mission, only to be undermined by Jasper and Norrow- who plotted to wipe Siobhan’s memory after retrieving her unconscious body. Ultimately, she was left in a meadow with no recollection of the previous encounters. At least, not as they actually happened.



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