Fire Elemental from the Elemental Plane of Air


Apparently the right hand guards of Roxas, paired with Reeve, the party fought him in order to get to Roxas. He was deeply interested in acquiring the holy book of Pelor, for the purpose of editing the text to suit him. The party attempted to create a forgery of the book, but unfortunately, Lorvian saw through this ruse.

Before the fight, the two parties established rules.

No killing.
No leaving the area of battle.
No flying.

Lorvian stole Heather’s soul, and through a magic device was able to get her to fight on his side. Then he transformed, revealing his true self: a fire elemental. After an intense encounter, the Keepers won and passed the test, although Heather’s body was still unresponsive.
Norrow learned that Lorvian was a trader of souls, and that he had taken her spirit to his keep in the Elemental Plane of Air, a glorious estate filled with stolen souls. Norrow purchased Heather’s soul for a monthly supply of Mystara (for now) and rescued her, however making the grim discovery that Jasper’s soul was also trapped. Norrow was charged not to breath a word of what he has seen to anyone. Norrow also feels as though his and Heather’s soul is still trapped, but is unsure.



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