Ergo Mundus

A Pyromaniac with a flare for fire puns.


Human Sorcerer
Age: Undefined
Chaotic… neutral?
Black Hair, Blood red eyes
Loves the smell of burnt… everything

Married to Valor
In charge of Fire Magic research in Temple


Whos cares where I am from. I don’t give a rats ash. I’m a man with a knack for fire and always just light up the battlefield. Thats all you need to know. I lava good story so I’m going to go ahead and tell you this one.

I found myself dragon around in Rosenfall once upon a time. Met a man by the name of… ah, who cares, you don’t need to know. The only thing you need to know is he had some brain-fried sons by the name E something and B something. Idiots got smoked by some goblins protecting their sister Valor from goblins. Oh, Valor… Anywho, the dad asked if anyone wanted to save his daughter. Of course I accepted any opportunity to burn some goblins. Some other halflings also came along, think the names were Sersha and Flower or something.

Whatever, flash forward and we get to this shrine for the Twin Silent Knights. We made some goblins crispy, met a freak blood pixie, and saved the damsel, Valor. Boy, was she hot. We solve a riddle about silence and I got this divine book of some sort, I don’t know. Theres a bunch of glowing white writing that I cant read on it. We return to Rosenfall and learn about some send off and how Valor is going to Temple. So, guess whos going to Temple, this guy. I found my match, so naturally, I proposed. She extinguished the idea. Now, my sweet fiery princess hasnt caught onto my fire…. yet… She was kinda steaming about the idea at first, but she agreed to let me come along. Anywho, I’m getting burnt out on writing this, so I’m going to get things Cookin’ with Valor over there. Lights Out.

Ergo Mundus

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