A succubus who was disguised as a woman named “miss Amy” in Meadow. Seemed to be the town organizer, but in reality she was mind controlling and slowly feeding of the people living there. She was injured and needed to get stronger in order to go back to her home on a different dimension. She had been living in Meadow for seven years, with the help of a local blacksmith, Nikolas, trying to get better. Before the party got a chance to kill her however, she teleported away to safety. The group has encountered her with Nikolas several times since then while trying to acquire all the different artifacts.

However, her loyalties to Nikolas are now in question. When the party discovered the orb of darkness, Saoirse got insight from the petrified eye and seeing no other alternative, tossed her the orb. In a moment of confusion, she teleported away- much to Nikolas’ surprise. Her end game is still to be determined, as she is currently unconscious at Scott’s house near the cave of wonders, where she spontaneously fell through his ceiling. Her wings are now damaged more than ever, even after just having regained use of her injured one.



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