Demetria Qin

Dancer of Deception


Long Straight Red Hair
Bright Sky Blue Eyes
Age: 45 (16 in human)

Rogue 3 / Warlock 5

Serenity (Pact Scimitar)
Grief (Off-Hand Scimitar)


AC: 19
HP: 67

STR: 9
DEX: 20
CON: 16
INT: 12
WIS: 12
CHA: 18

Half Elf:
Prof. in 2 Skills
Fey Ancestry: Advantage on Charm, Magic cant put to sleep
Darkvision (60ft.)
CHA +2, DEX +1, CON +1

Sneak Attack (2d6)
Expertise: Perception and Insight
Thieve’s Cant
Cunning Action
Archetype: Battle Dancer
*Bonus Prof.: Scimitars and Performance
Battle Dance: AC = 10+CHA+DEX (no armor)
TWF: Add DEX to Damage of 2nd attack

Patron: Fierna, Lady of Phlegethos
*Beguiling Influence
Pact Magic
*Beguiling Influence (Patron)
*Agonizing Blast
*Devils Sight
*Thirsting Blade
Pact Boon: Blade Pact
+2 DEX (4)

“Naughty Secrets”


Demetria Qin was born in the city of XXX. She is a half-elf with long scarlet hair with bright blue eyes. She catches the attention of plenty of men. She is an average height, and bustier than most. Her mother was a human and a tailor but passed away giving birth to Demetria. Demetrias father is an elf and a blacksmith for the city guard. Demetria has an older brother named Cyric, he’s quite a few years older than Demetria and moved away when Demetria was very young. After her mother’s passing Demetria’s father became abusive, and eventually sold Demetria to to an innkeeper. The innkeeper was very kind and had a wife that loved to dance. After living with them for a couple months Demetria was taught how to dance. Demetria used her skill and charm to find out things she should not know. She became addicted to secrets, and did whatever she could to learn more of them. She loved hearing rumors and exploring those rumors, she started many family feuds. She got very bored with that life though and decided to move away from XXX and moved to the prosperous town of XXX.

When she moved to XXX, she became lonely and thought more and more about her mother. She learned about the teachings of Kelemvor and how death is only natural, and the nobody should fear it. Demetria was never religious but she secretly started worshipping Kelemvor. Her addiction to secrets caused her to seek options to increase her power. She was sought out by a succubus by the name of Lady Fierna who told Demetria she could give her the power she desired. Hesitant, Demetria decided ultimately that she needed this power. With her young charm, and the power to get what she wants she got a job as an entertainer at the most high end inn in XXX. She learned a lot of secrets from many people in power. Though she gets bored quite frequently and longs for something new.

Demetria Qin

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