Aislynn Landon

Quick witted and dedicated to Falltera during lifetime.


Relationships: Norrow
Goals: Further the spread and power of Falltera, ideals of peace and progression for all.

Backstory: Aislynn was born in Passage Keep. The Keep was constantly defending the border between the waring sisters kingdoms. Battling for the side of Rosenfeld

After Aislynn’s unfortunate execution, it was revealed that her soul was forced into a construct at the time of death by Merci and Iros.

Aislynn dying was technically the ‘right’ decision.

Aislynn’s physical form is a lithe suit of armor, and she is without any weapons, she only strikes with her gauntlets.

Due to Marias’ use of the Book of Liar’s Lies, Aislynn’s physical body was recovered, and was bound to Norrow in marriage.

Aislynn Landon

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