Lost Time

Session 3

Poor Tim

The party stayed the night in the Floating Flagon in Night Hell’s Cavern. After some conversation, the adventurers decided to go to the 3rd Ring in the City.

It was a wide open space for testing magics, with scorch marks all over on the ground. We met with Jasper and Casper who were forging a blade in the blacksmith area. They were sitting with Fyora, a woman with big horns and wings far larger than her body. We asked the Tiefling sisters if we could have some private meeting with them, and they took us into the castle.

There, the two studied the hourglass and explained it was essentially time itself, and there is artifacts that exist that represent every element on earth. (It is of note that Jasper and Casper seemed to honor the fact that we were the holders of the artifact, and always asked permission to handle it. They respected us as Keepers. ~Gezirah)

They told us about Selvos, and old man who was the previous keeper. We also learned that Jasper was incredibly interested in Liquid Mystara.

They later took us to the throne room of Mayros, the Queen of Nightfall. There we learned about where the other artifacts may be kept, and about the Ritual Stone.

Saoirse later got in her own trouble with the Hidden Cloak, and we killed Tim, a young boy who was eavesdropping on us. and then stuffed him in a barrel. There was a letter in the barrel that said “We don’t want to take out your trash.” The session ended with us being tailed yet again but some unknown figures.



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