Lost Time

Session 2

Rescuing Meadow

After sleeping at Meadow, and all our affairs were done in the village, ‘Amy’ managed to bewitch Norrow and make him want to stay.

After a very morally ambiguous altercation, we discovered that Amy was a succubus named Emilie feeding on the townspeople, and unfortunately she got away, not before Marias cut off Nickolas’ hand. After some digging we learned that the Hidden Cloak, a secret group of assassins and thieves, was also looking to kill Amy.

After making sure the townspeople were okay, we set off to Night Hell’s Cavern, where we met Steven the guard. He was kind enough to mention Jasper and Casper to us, but warned us to be careful, as their magic even makes the Queen shudder.

The party came to Jasper and Casper’s, and after a bit of theivery, Jasper hinted that she recognized the hourglass… and that was the end of the session.



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