Lost Time

Session 13

The Cover Up

After the Keepers are scrambling and trying to keep what they discovered in the mines a secret, and attempting to leave without Jasper and Casper knowing, the party finally decides to let them in on the secret. Some of it at least. Casper noted she knows nothing about what the dragon on the floor of the Ritual Room could be, but she remarks that it’s interesting that it has it’s face covered. She also seemed suspicious that there was something else in the mines.

Meanwhile the party begins to throw the books into the inner sanctum behind the locked door, keeping the secret of how to mine the Mystara safe.

We then met a woman with an overturned cart, which was crushing her brother Max. While trying to help them, the Hidden Cloak Assassins attacks the party. After a very harrowing battle, we learned that the Master of Assassination ordered the group to be watched and taken alive if possible. At the bottom there was a symbol of a small dagger with quick lines angling down at the top, which Heather confirmed was the Master’s sign.



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