Lost Time

Session 11

The Library of Eryas

The group entered the Library of Eryas and Norrow, Saorise, and Gorghulla went to speak with the Head of Council, Toph, the Earthbender. While Marias, Heather, Fetal, and Tila stayed and read books in the library. Group A found out a little bit of info they wanted, but not a whole lot. Toph wasnt very happy, and saw through their author bullshit. Group B didnt do much inside the library besides read books. Group A decides to rob the merchant that has Saorise’s chain shirt and Group B opts out. Norrow thinks the merchant is a racist.

Group A heads out to rob the merchant. Norrow keeps watch out front and Gorghulla and Saorise head inside, and while inside they meet Cage, a high ranking member of the Hidden Cloak and Cage mistakes Saorise for her sister, Siobhan. Group A parts ways after the job is complete and Saorise follows Cagem while Norrow and Gorghulla go to the inn. Saorise doesnt return for a while and Norrow and Gorghulla go looking for her, and in the meantime Cage figures out it isnt Siobhan. By the time Group A reforms they are greeted by Cage and Cage burns the room and tells the bar-goers to kill them.
End Session Group A

Group B exited the library after Marias found out more info on Temple. They went to Heathers Asian relatives house and they are staying the night there.
End Session Group B



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