Lost Time

4th Session

Bandit Encounter

Jasper requested that the party help her obtain her shipment that was captured by bandits. So the party journeyed to their camp and, after a very tough fight, managed to salvage her things.

However the bandits had Fallterian Captives, a Judge by the name of Jordan apparently appointed to “escort merchants.” That turned out to be untrue, and really he and his comrades were spying on Nightfall. They said they were looking for Katherine, as they had no sign of where she went. After a few personal questions, Norrow killed him and took his sword.

The party packed up Jasper’s things, as well as another odd crate with “Royal Jewelers” on the side.

Once Jasper got her things, she awarded Norrow some items, and was interested to hear about the captives. She implied that there should have been a messengers escort along with them.

The party then came to the Royal Jewelers and met Calus, who apparently sells sub-par jewelry made by someone else, although he says he’s the creator. In a moment of enlightened self interest, we asked Calus for some compensation for rescuing his shipment. So he gifted Saoirse with a ring that can do random high level magic.

Norrow and Saoirse then did some work contacting the Hidden Cloak, in the Floating Flagon. They said that O’Shae is one of the better thieves in the Cloak, and that she’s stolen great things. They also said that they stole the Ritual stone for Iros, and that it was no doubt somewhere in his castle. The cloaked man mentioned he feared Judges, and so Norrow used that to intimidate him out of charging them a lot of money for the information.

And that’s where the session ended.



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