Lost Time

Session 13
The Cover Up

After the Keepers are scrambling and trying to keep what they discovered in the mines a secret, and attempting to leave without Jasper and Casper knowing, the party finally decides to let them in on the secret. Some of it at least. Casper noted she knows nothing about what the dragon on the floor of the Ritual Room could be, but she remarks that it’s interesting that it has it’s face covered. She also seemed suspicious that there was something else in the mines.

Meanwhile the party begins to throw the books into the inner sanctum behind the locked door, keeping the secret of how to mine the Mystara safe.

We then met a woman with an overturned cart, which was crushing her brother Max. While trying to help them, the Hidden Cloak Assassins attacks the party. After a very harrowing battle, we learned that the Master of Assassination ordered the group to be watched and taken alive if possible. At the bottom there was a symbol of a small dagger with quick lines angling down at the top, which Heather confirmed was the Master’s sign.

Session 12
The Mines Discovered

The Keepers bravely delved into Broken Stone Cavern and cleared the many monsters within with the aid of the lantern. The mines are now permanently illuminated by the light.

We discovered an entire room full of mystara ore, and some sort of ritual chamber, with a relief on the floor of a dragon with six arms and two tails, its head hidden behind it’s wings. In each arm and grasped in the tail are the different elements. There were also six pillars in the room and five chairs.

The party found some old scrolls and books detailing the process necessary for mining Mystara: Jewels and enchanted dust. The process calls for perfect portions, otherwise the process will be very unstable.

Session 11
The Library of Eryas

The group entered the Library of Eryas and Norrow, Saorise, and Gorghulla went to speak with the Head of Council, Toph, the Earthbender. While Marias, Heather, Fetal, and Tila stayed and read books in the library. Group A found out a little bit of info they wanted, but not a whole lot. Toph wasnt very happy, and saw through their author bullshit. Group B didnt do much inside the library besides read books. Group A decides to rob the merchant that has Saorise’s chain shirt and Group B opts out. Norrow thinks the merchant is a racist.

Group A heads out to rob the merchant. Norrow keeps watch out front and Gorghulla and Saorise head inside, and while inside they meet Cage, a high ranking member of the Hidden Cloak and Cage mistakes Saorise for her sister, Siobhan. Group A parts ways after the job is complete and Saorise follows Cagem while Norrow and Gorghulla go to the inn. Saorise doesnt return for a while and Norrow and Gorghulla go looking for her, and in the meantime Cage figures out it isnt Siobhan. By the time Group A reforms they are greeted by Cage and Cage burns the room and tells the bar-goers to kill them.
End Session Group A

Group B exited the library after Marias found out more info on Temple. They went to Heathers Asian relatives house and they are staying the night there.
End Session Group B

Session 10
Nicolas and the Lantern

The session started with Nicolas Marias talking to the party after he had a cloak/paper rigged with a Fireball. After some talking Nicolas threatened to destroy the Lantern and walked out of the Library. Marias walked out with him and talked to him about his demon fetish and ended up trading the Hourglass for the Lantern in fear of Nicolas destroying it.

Afterwards, the party regrouped and explored the library more while Emilia was outside killing the boat captains. That being said the party stopped Emilia after she killed 2 of the 3. The only remaining boat was the elven captains boat that takes 2 months to get back to the hidden harbor.

During this journey back to the “mainland” the boat stopped at an island and the captain refused to continue until the party solved an issue involving a Gnome by the name of Fetal, and her spirit companion Tila. Tila mentioned a town in a far away land named Tara Tera but it was pretty much blown over. Fetal and Tila are not from our land. That being said, they followed the party out of the Harbor and went to Eryas. The party did some shopping and are now at the Library of Eryas.

Session End – 12/11/2016

Session 5
Old Allies

The party enters the Fallterian Capital. Paved streets and lighted paths. Red striped guards patrolling in groups, clad in black armor and winged helmets.

We stopped at The Blank Stone, and inn severely taxed, and looking to knock other inns of the map.

Marias and Saoirse visited Judge Durgenzi, an older judge with white hair, spectacles, and a purple stripe, after being escorted there to his office by a red headed Judge. Their intent was to lie and say that Norrow was killed by Judge Luskian, and gauge his reaction. Later on they trusted him enough to reveal that Norrow was indeed alive, and he was willing to lend them a hand in their quest.

We learned that Mistltoe was the new Lady of Falltera, and wife of Iros.

4th Session
Bandit Encounter

Jasper requested that the party help her obtain her shipment that was captured by bandits. So the party journeyed to their camp and, after a very tough fight, managed to salvage her things.

However the bandits had Fallterian Captives, a Judge by the name of Jordan apparently appointed to “escort merchants.” That turned out to be untrue, and really he and his comrades were spying on Nightfall. They said they were looking for Katherine, as they had no sign of where she went. After a few personal questions, Norrow killed him and took his sword.

The party packed up Jasper’s things, as well as another odd crate with “Royal Jewelers” on the side.

Once Jasper got her things, she awarded Norrow some items, and was interested to hear about the captives. She implied that there should have been a messengers escort along with them.

The party then came to the Royal Jewelers and met Calus, who apparently sells sub-par jewelry made by someone else, although he says he’s the creator. In a moment of enlightened self interest, we asked Calus for some compensation for rescuing his shipment. So he gifted Saoirse with a ring that can do random high level magic.

Norrow and Saoirse then did some work contacting the Hidden Cloak, in the Floating Flagon. They said that O’Shae is one of the better thieves in the Cloak, and that she’s stolen great things. They also said that they stole the Ritual stone for Iros, and that it was no doubt somewhere in his castle. The cloaked man mentioned he feared Judges, and so Norrow used that to intimidate him out of charging them a lot of money for the information.

And that’s where the session ended.

Session 3
Poor Tim

The party stayed the night in the Floating Flagon in Night Hell’s Cavern. After some conversation, the adventurers decided to go to the 3rd Ring in the City.

It was a wide open space for testing magics, with scorch marks all over on the ground. We met with Jasper and Casper who were forging a blade in the blacksmith area. They were sitting with Fyora, a woman with big horns and wings far larger than her body. We asked the Tiefling sisters if we could have some private meeting with them, and they took us into the castle.

There, the two studied the hourglass and explained it was essentially time itself, and there is artifacts that exist that represent every element on earth. (It is of note that Jasper and Casper seemed to honor the fact that we were the holders of the artifact, and always asked permission to handle it. They respected us as Keepers. ~Gezirah)

They told us about Selvos, and old man who was the previous keeper. We also learned that Jasper was incredibly interested in Liquid Mystara.

They later took us to the throne room of Mayros, the Queen of Nightfall. There we learned about where the other artifacts may be kept, and about the Ritual Stone.

Saoirse later got in her own trouble with the Hidden Cloak, and we killed Tim, a young boy who was eavesdropping on us. and then stuffed him in a barrel. There was a letter in the barrel that said “We don’t want to take out your trash.” The session ended with us being tailed yet again but some unknown figures.

Session 2
Rescuing Meadow

After sleeping at Meadow, and all our affairs were done in the village, ‘Amy’ managed to bewitch Norrow and make him want to stay.

After a very morally ambiguous altercation, we discovered that Amy was a succubus named Emilie feeding on the townspeople, and unfortunately she got away, not before Marias cut off Nickolas’ hand. After some digging we learned that the Hidden Cloak, a secret group of assassins and thieves, was also looking to kill Amy.

After making sure the townspeople were okay, we set off to Night Hell’s Cavern, where we met Steven the guard. He was kind enough to mention Jasper and Casper to us, but warned us to be careful, as their magic even makes the Queen shudder.

The party came to Jasper and Casper’s, and after a bit of theivery, Jasper hinted that she recognized the hourglass… and that was the end of the session.

Oct 9th, 2016

The party awoke from their… sleep? Were greeted by an unnamed man who gave them an hourglass. They traveled around the Stone Break Caverns and emerged on the other side meeting Alex, Thesela, and Stone. The party told Thesela about the hourglass and she told them if they wanted to know more about it they should go to either Nightfall territory or Temple. Marias declared her opposition to Temple, so they headed for the Nightfall capital, Night Hells Cavern.

On their way to Night Hells Cavern they came across the village of Meadow, and thats where the session ended.

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